Automation Systems
- Development of automation systems for machines, plants etc.
- Retro fitment of existing systems.
- Extension of existing systems (i.e. modification, adding new functionality)
  1. Siemens S7-200,S7-300,S7-400
  2. Telemecanique (Schneider) Micro, Premium, Twido.
  3. Modicon Quantum, Compact, Momentum
  4. Mitsubishi FX-2N
  5. Vipa
- Data acquisition systems for plants, testing facilities for report generation and analysis
Automation Systems
  SCADA Solutions
- Deployment of scada systems for machines, plants etc.
- Development of custom modules for existing system for report generation and analysis.
  Network Solutions

Network Solutions
- Connectivity Solutions for connecting devices over varied topology.
- Data distribution systems for making plant data available in varied formats
- Complete solution for providing monitoring data spanning geographical locations using technologies like Internet, wireless network.