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Automation Projects
Texturising Machine Automation  
Client – Alidhra Machines Pvt. Ltd., Udhna.  
This machine basically used for drawing and twisting the yarn initially used to be driven by a single motor and a belt-pulley drive system. The major drawback of this system was that changing the setting required to change pulleys, so there was limitation on the fineness of setting and the time it took to change the pulleys. This was converted to multi motor (8) system wherein the motors were controlled by AC drives. This drives communicated with a plc which synchronized all the motors. This system removed all the previous limitation because as the pulley system was removed the settings can be done very easily by just entering the parameter in the plc and the new setting will take effect instantly. This also helped reduce power consumption as the friction losses were reduced.
Conversion Of Conventional Lathe For Automated Circular Profile Generation Work  
Client – Devchand Welding Engineers Pvt. Ltd. , Surat.  
This system was developed basically developed to cut the following shape in the material on the lathe.  
     Before          After             After
Previously such shapes were generally possible only with cnc machines. But the cost of cnc machines was not justifiable for such applications. In this systems servo motors were attached to the two axes and a plc controlled these servos. User only had to enter the radius and the degree from 0 to 90. The system would then automatically generate the shape.  
Beads Punching Machine Automation  
Client – Maruti Textiles.  
This system was developed to automate the machine which used to run manually. The main drawback of the manual mode was that complex designs were not possible. And for changing the design a wooden part had to be changed. The machine was automated using servos and plc. The designs are stored in a memory card. Designs can be changed instantly by just selecting the design. And practically all types of complex designs can be made.  
Lace Machine Efficiency & Uptime Monitoring System  
Client – Lami International, Surat.  
This system was developed to monitor the uptime and efficiency of lace machines. The lace machines were connected to a plc which logged the start and stop time of each machine. The stored data are transferred to a memory card which is taken to a terminal where data is retrieved and reports are generated. Various reports like machine start, stop, average run period, number of starts per day, efficiency are provided.  
Isikawa Draw Winding Machine Plc retrofitting  
Client – Benz Electricals & Electronics, Mumbai.  
End User – Shyam Sizers Pvt. Ltd. , Pipodra.  
The machine was originally installed with an Omron make plc in 1985. The plc’s digital output had gone faulty and spares were not available. So, it was replaced with a Vipa make plc. The system consisted of 128 I/O. The new plc was commissioned within 2 days which included mechanical installation, wiring & programming.  
Connectivity Solutions
Connectivity solution for online communication between 2 PLC located 5 Km Apart  
Client – Shruhi Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd.
End User – Hydraulic Department, Surat Municipal Corporation .  
In this case it was required to connect 2 plc one at Booster House of Rander Water Works & second at Intake Well of Rander Water Works. The plc were to exchange monitoring and control data. It was very critical for the link to be error free because if pumps were triggered in a wrong fashion it could lead to tripping of high tension electric line. So for the case connectivity was provided using telephone leased line.  
Online Data Monitoring Of Tide Guage Meter On a Pc located 2.5 Km away
Client – Harryson Info-Tech Services Pvt. Ltd  
End User – Reliance Industries Limited - Hazira.
                     Indian Petrochemical Company Limited - Dahej.
In this case it was required to provide data of tide gauge meter located on the jetty, in the control room located 2 km away. The problem was meter had only rs232 port for connectivity and high tension cables were laid between jetty and control room so the solution was provided using fiber optic cable and various converters. The solution provided error free communication because fiber optic cable is not susceptible to noise generated by high tension cable.  
Wireless Connectivity Solution for monitoring & Control of Multiple Plc's distributed throughout the Plant From a Centralised Scada Station  
Client – Shruhi Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd.  
End User – Drainage Department, Surat Municipal Corporation, Katargam Anjana.  
In this case it was required to connect various plc located in a radius of 2km but cable laying was not possible because of the distance. So the solution was provided using wireless connectivity. The plc’s communicated with each other and with scada terminal using wireless network. The main benefit of the topology is implementation time and cost was much lower compared to the traditional wired network.  
Heterogeneous Network Setup for monitoring & Control of Multiple Plc's distributed throughout the Plant From a Centralised Scada Station  
Client – Nish Automation Pvt. Ltd.  
End User – Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority, Jaspur.  
In this case the geographical topology was such that no single type of network solution was possible. So solution was provided using a heterogeneous network consisting of copper cable, fiber optic cable & wireless network.